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Juan Nepomuceno Castel de Oro

This reference to Juan Nepomuceno Castel de Oro is from a book entitled Los Cirujanos de Hospitales de la Nueva España (1700-1833) by Maria Luisa Rodriguez-Sala. Apparently he was a surgeon and involved in the military. It is the first example I’ve found of a Castel De Oro in Mexico that actually connects the surname …


Genealogy Brick Wall #3 – Castel De Oro

The following post is adapted from an article that I wrote for the first Castel De Oro Family Reunion which took place in June of 2014. It’s my attempt to summarize my research so far into the history of my family name, which I hope to eventually trace back to it’s “source” – the point …


Genealogy Brick Wall #2 – Luis Yanez & Mary Rivas

Louise Yanez is my great grandmother, she married Silviano Castel De Oro around 1919.  She was born August 27, 1903 in Chihuahua, Mexico and died June 25, 1966 in Los Angeles, California. Louise had no siblings that I am aware of.  Her death certificate lists the names of her parents as Luis Yanez and Mary Rivas.


Genealogy Brick Wall #1 – Calletano Peralta

Esteban Peralta is my 3rd great grandfather, born 1838 in San Pedro de la Cueva, Sonora, Mexico and died April 27, 1902 in Vernon, California. He was married to Ramona De Los Reyes at Catedral de la Asunción, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico on May 3, 1858. The marriage record of that event lists his parents as Calletano Peralta …