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Genealogy Brick Wall #1 – Calletano Peralta

Esteban Peralta is my 3rd great grandfather, born 1838 in San Pedro de la Cueva, Sonora, Mexico and died April 27, 1902 in Vernon, California.

Esteban Peralta Headstone

He was married to Ramona De Los Reyes at Catedral de la Asunción, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico on May 3, 1858. The marriage record of that event lists his parents as Calletano Peralta and Eujenia Quijada. To date I have been unable to locate any additional information regarding his parents…

Esteban Peralta Marriage Record

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  1. ycdoencinas ycdoencinas

    Hi Jeff,
    Enjoyed your blog. My name is Yolanda Castel De Oro Encinas. I am the daughter of Maria Castel De Oro Encinas, my grandparents were Raymundo and Rita Castel De Oro. So I guess that makes us cousins. Nice to meet you, if you have another reunion please let me know, my Mother would love to go, she is 89 years old and would be so excited to meet everyone. Yolie

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